7 Beauty Products for Spring

7 Spring Beauty Products

1. Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask- This is about the cheapest mask around! It’s only a few bucks at Ulta. This green mask smells wonderful, and works to reduces the appearance of pores. I use it once a week all over my face at night just before bed. I keep it on until it dries, about 15 minutes, and then wash it off with a washcloth. It also acts as a spot treatment to clear blemishes overnight. I just put a little bit on my blemish, and it dries it out by the morning.

2. Vaseline- Good old vaseline is the best remedy for dry lips. We are moving out of the polar vortex winter season, but if you’re like me, dry lips are still a problem. I’ve used so many different lip remedies, but vaseline is the best! Keep a little tub in your purse to use throughout the day, and apply right before bed to wake up with perfect lips. You can even put it over your lip color because it’s clear and adds a little shine.

3. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream-  I’m only 23, but it’s never too early to start wrinkle prevention! If you’re looking for something cheap and accessible, this eye cream is perfect. You can get it almost anywhere with a beauty section. I put it on before my makeup in the morning, and at night before bed. It moisturizes and brightens the skin around the eye while reducing the appearance of fine lines. My husband even uses it because it makes his eyes feel fresh when he is overtired during the workday, and he does not want wrinkles either! You can buy one and share with your man to stay beautiful together!

4. Naked 3 by Urban Decay- This eye shadow palate features blush tones. The colors work for any skin tone, especially pale ones like me! As usual with the naked palates, the colors in 3 mix perfectly together and are perfect for adding a brightness this spring season.

5. Benefit high beam- This light illuminator adds the perfect amount of subtle shine to brighten up your spring look. I usually dab a few dots along the top of my cheek bone, under my eyebrow, and above the lip on the skin right between your nose and top lip. It adds brightness without too much sparkle, and I often use it as a highlight.

6. Redkin Body Full Instant Bodifier- If you have fine hair like me, or you just want some extra texture, I highly recommend this foam. My mother-in-law always recommends Redkin, and now she’s got me hooked! This is the best bodifier I have found yet. I apply a couple pumps of foam at my roots when it’s wet, and then blow dry. It gives a texture at the roots throughout the day so I can fluff it up a little and not look completely flat. If you don’t have thin hair, this product would probably work well for teasing because it gives that right amount of hold and texture.

7. Nars white eyeliner- This may be an obvious tip, but this cheap eyeliner can help brighten up your appearance. I apply a little of it in the corners of my eye and sometimes underneath to contrast darkness. It’s cheap and goes well with lighter eyeshadows like the Naked 3 palate.



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