Beat the Winter Blues

Spring is almost here! I can see the sky getting clearer and bluer, and the occasional spider has creeped its way into our apartment. That is the one thing I will miss most about the polar vortex. Freeze those suckers and kill them all off! I would definitely enjoy life a little more without my nightly spider checks before turning off the lights. My husband always thinks I’m crazy, but I’d rather spend a minute sucking one off the ceiling with my dust buster than having it fall on my face in the middle of the night. I’m a little paranoid, I know.

Another sign of spring is the lovely 25-40 degree weather we have been having! What a great day it is when you spot a little grass peeping through the snow piles! I personally have been breaking out the t-shirts and skipping the parka on my daily errands. It’s all fun when you get in the car, but then you realize, hmmm…it’s actually not warm, and I probably should have worn a coat, scarf, and gloves along with this sweatshirt. After freezing my butt off on a few occasions, I’ve learned to accept that spring is still a few months away.

This week, I am enjoying what they call in Michigan, “winter break”. For those of you who go to school in other states, it’s really spring break. Here in Michigan, we all know it’d be a lie if they called it that. The most productive thing I have accomplished so far is two loads of laundry and a delicious batch of pasta e fagioli, courtesy of the Olive Garden copycat recipe that I found on Pinterest. Link to the recipe on my Pinterest below.


This past weekend, in an attempt to beat some winter blues and improve our healthy lifestyle, my husband and I bundled up and went to a local state park to go on a hike. After surviving the icy trek across the parking lot, we were out on the trails and feeling good. One of the best ways to beat the blues and cabin fever is to get out and embrace the outdoors. There is something about being out in the cold and seeing the beauty of winter that can change your mind about it. We have been considering taking up cross-country skiing in order to make winter a more enjoyable season. During our hike, we got to see some people skiing and snow-shoeing. We are now convinced that we will try cross-country skiing before all the snow melts. Being out gave us a whole new perspective on winter. We could see that it wasn’t so desolate, and that we could enjoy our time outside even in the harsh weather. Even when it is cold, doing some exercise outside warms you up fast. I soon regretted the many layers that I had put on. As usual, a hike involving someone from my family always goes way longer than expected. After getting lost on the equestrian trail, we finally found our way back to the parking lot and finished up after almost two hours.


We ended the day at a local restaurant with a fantastic lunch! For those of you who need a new sandwich idea, try this one.

The Best Panini: sourdough bread, turkey, sprouts, avocado, sun dried tomatoes, swiss cheese, and dijon mustard.


As I sit here at 4:00 still in my pajamas, I can see the snow starting to fall outside. I guess winter is not yet over, but I’ve discovered some new activities to beat the winter blues. Next on my list is homemade applesauce (also a Pinterest recipe), hot tubbing at the gym, and a new book on my Kindle. Wishing you a productive week, unlike me, and hoping you too are working to beat the winter blues! If you have any ideas for me, be sure to comment so I can try them out.



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