10 Thoughts You’ve Probably Had While Driving







Recently I’ve been doing a lot of driving, and I tend to have some of the same thoughts all the time. I’m assuming it’s not just me, so let me know if you agree with my list.

1. Semi, you’re not cool trying to pass that other semi. You’re going 10 miles under the speed limit and holding up the whole highway. Stop trying to prove you’re fast, because you’re not, so STAY IN THE RIGHT LANE!

2. Hmm…I think I can reach my sunglasses in the backseat in that one pocket of my tote bag…let me just reach around and attempt this while driving.

3. Oh, you’re real cool passing me when I’m already going 10 miles over the speed limit. I’m not going to get offended because you’re just too fast.

4. Who is this person driving the truck coming up? Shoot, she saw me looking. HOW DO THEY ALWAYS KNOW!!??

5. Yep, I just saw you picking your nose. It’s alright. You’re vehicle is your own personal space.

6. HAHA semi without the back on it. Midget semi!!

7. AHHH there’s a cop! Should I slow down and look super obvious that I was speeding, or just slowly reduce my speed so it doesn’t look like I’m doing it just because I saw him?

8. Oh no! I’ve been following this car for the past 50 miles and they just exited! Goodbye friend!

9. STARBUCKS! Do I need it? Yes.

10. (Sitting in the backseat) I wonder if those people can see me staring at them. The back windows are tinted, so they probably can’t. Nope. They can DEFINITELY see me staring! Drive away, drive away!!


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