Juice Cleanse


After a season of barbecuing, dinner with friends, trips for ice cream, and vacation dining, it is time for a healthy re-start. It’s been a few months since I really felt happy about my healthy habits and my body. Athough no one else may notice the subtle changes, we women especially can understand that these tiny changes can get us down. After feeling frustrated for a while, I have decided to take action and put in a real effort to take back my healthy lifestyle.

The first idea that came to my mind was exercise, but I’m feeling a little bored with it, and this tactic was unsuccessful. I exercise to maintain a healthy heart, but don’t have the drive right now to create a serious program for myself.

The second idea was changing my diet. This has been successful at times, but hasn’t been a consistent change lately. I’m too addicted to chocolate, snacking, and going out to eat.

After these two failed attempts, I realized I need a serious jumpstart to my healthy lifestyle. I did a little research on juice cleanses, and recruited the knowledge of a friend who is a dietician. The general consensus is that experts do not believe juice cleanses actually “cleanse” anything, as our body has its own natural cleansing system. Juice cleanses can also leave you lacking fiber and protein, which can make you hungry and unsatisfied. Lastly, the weight loss that you may experience will most likely be short-lived, and you will gain it all back quickly.

Due to my research, I decided to do an altered juice cleanse. I am not participating in any juice cleanse program that you can order online. I did my research and found that Suja Elements juices are often used for cleanses. They are also cold-pressed juices, in which they squish the entire fruit or vegetable into the juice instead of just squeezing out the liquid. This allows it to contain more nutrients. I will also be adding in my own homemade green smoothies, and one meal a day that includes lean protein and fiber. I have chosen grilled chicken and asparagus. Below, I outlined my goals and food plan for my 3-day cleanse. I am starting today, and will blog each night about how I feel, the taste of the juices, and my thoughts. Thanks for coming along with me!


1. Eliminate strong cravings for greasy foods and desserts.
2. Establish healthy eating habits and cravings for good foods.
3. Lose the bloat and maybe a pound or two 🙂

Food Plan:
Day 1- Green smoothie, mango fusion juice, berryoxidant juice, grilled chicken and asparagus, fruit in between if hungry.
Day 2- Green smoothie, 24 karat juice, green charge juice, grilled chicken and asparagus, fruit in between if hungry.
Day 3- Green smoothie, bluetrients juice, king of greens juice, grilled chicken and asparagus, macachino juice, fruit in between if hungry.


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