Juice Cleanse Thoughts


Well guys, I survived the juice cleanse! I have to be honest and say that it did not go exactly as planned, but it still went well. My three goals were as follows…

1. Eliminate strong cravings for greasy foods and desserts.
2. Establish healthy eating habits and cravings for good foods.
3. Lose the bloat and maybe a pound or two 🙂

I am happy to say that it did help me to combat my cravings. The first day was the hardest. After drinking the juice all morning, I had a major craving for something salty. I ended up caving, and ate some goldfish crackers and kettle chip crumbs from my pantry. I felt really bad afterwards, but I also felt really motivated to stay strong the next time a craving hit me. I ended up eating one small salty snack in the late afternoon each day because the sweet juice taste got really old after a while. I let myself have some trail mix or goldfish crackers. The other part that I believe was crucial to getting through three days of this cleanse was eating a solid dinner. My plan for grilled chicken and asparagus did not happen because my roomie (my husband) was not too thrilled about this boring menu for three nights straight. I ended up heating up some leftovers each night and focusing on portion control. Knowing that I was going to be able to eat a solid dinner each night gave me motivation to get through the juicing. 

After three days, I can say that I really felt proud of myself for making it through tough cravings (aka Taco Bell, day two). I learned that if I waited about an hour and held off on whatever I was craving, I usually did not want it anymore. 

My second goal was to establish healthy eating habits and cravings for good foods. I think that this cleanse allowed me to realize how much crap I was eating before. I realized that I could be full after a 220 calorie juice for lunch, and I probably don’t need all the junk I was used to eating. I also realized that my body does not need the amount of calories that I was usually consuming. Being a small person, I probably only need around 1200 calories to maintain weight loss, and I could probably go up to 1500 if I was not trying to lose weight. There is no way I need more than this on a daily basis! I was so tired of feeling bloated and stuffed after dinner! The feeling of just being satisfied is the best way to be after eating a meal. 

My third goal was to lose bloat and a few pounds. Although I only lost maybe a half a pound, I felt better. My stomach was flatter in the mornings and I did not feel like I had a tire around my waist after a meal. Since I added in the snacks and the normal dinners, I knew I probably would not lose much weight. I went on a run two of the days, but I need to incorporate more weight training and serious cardio training in order to lose weight. The picture above is the lake that I often run towards as a reward for my efforts :).

In the end, I have decided to replace my lunch with a juice or smoothie at least once a week after this experiment. It will cut out a couple hundred calories from my week, and it’ll keep my discipline and motivation going to eat healthy. If I feel like doing it more than once a week, I may do that also. Surprisingly, the juices kept me full for a few hours, and some of them tasted really good. I am also going to minimize my snacking throughout the day in order to cut out my boredom eating. I find that this is easier to do when I am busy, so I am eager for school to start so my day is more productive. 

My favorite juices from my cleanse were the Bluetrients (blueberry and apple juice taste), Green Charge (apple and sweet taste), Berryoxidant (strawberry banana taste), and the 24 Karat (decent taste, not my favorite though). My absolute least favorite was the Mango Fuego! It was nauseating! Some people may not mind the taste, but I hated it. I almost gagged finishing the last bit. A friend of mine smelled it and said it was like ginger dressing from a Chinese restaurant. It would have tasted good without the ginger and chili that were added. I still have not tried the Macachino or King of Greens because I ended up not needing as many juices throughout the day as planned. I have a feeling these will be good, but I will update you later once I try them. 

If you are thinking about doing a cleanse, try and incorporate lean meats and fiber to keep you full. Do not do a cleanse for long periods of time because often times juices have too much sugar, which can actually cause weight gain. Let me know if you try the cleanse yourself, and if you have any tips from personal experience. It was a good experience for me, but not one I will do often! Thanks for reading!



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