Sugar Detox- Day 6


Alright folks, I’m more than halfway in! I am pretty proud of myself for still staying strong, but I am looking forward to expanding my palette. Since I don’t want to be researching recipes and grocery shopping all day, I have been eating some of the same stuff. It’s getting a little boring. I’m looking forward to my Starbucks treat at the end of the tunnel!

Today I made the homemade granola that I talked about in the post yesterday. After just trying a piece right out of the oven, it tastes slightly bland. It shouldn’t be a surprise to me since it’s sugar free! It will probably taste delicious though with some vanilla almond milk and some fruit to sweeten it up. It was a very easy recipe that took about 5 minutes to prep. I could see myself continuing to make it in the future since it’s so easy.

Overall, I’m feeling good about this challenge and am looking forward to saying I’ve done it. Here’s a summary of today.

Day 6 Meals:

Breakfast- apple and mixed nuts

Lunch- salami, cheese, rice crackers, leftover pasta fagioli, peanut butter for dessert

Dinner- taco salad including corn chips, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, and beef. (Unfortunately the taco seasoning had some dextrose in it, which is a hidden word for sugar. I did not have time to make an alternative spice so I allowed myself this tiny cheat.)


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