I was tagged by thistallgirltalks.blogspot.com for a #wiyp, aka, what’s in my purse today! Here are a few of my favorite things that I’ve been carrying around on a daily basis. Let’s be honest, I left out the Delsym cough syrup because who wants to see that!


Let’s start with the bag! I got this one for a steal at TJMaxx for $40 last year. I love the color for fall/winter, and the studs add a fun detail. My next bag will be a structured one because I don’t love how it collapses, as it’s hard to get stuff out when it’s hidden at the bottom. I’m loving the new pastel Rebecca Minkoff bags! That will definitely be my next big investment.

Purse (another studded alternative), This Rebecca Minkoff


The outdoor apparel…Michigan winters are FREEZING, so you have to be prepared! I love these leather/herringbone gloves, which are Mossimo from Target. They were super cheap and work well for driving. I got my scarf at a boutique as a cheap alternative to the Burberry original. These sunglasses are my favorite pair I’ve ever had! I got them as a birthday gift from my husband. They’re polarized, which I highly recommend for the sun while driving.

Gloves (similar style from this year), Sunglasses, Scarf (another one I’m loving), Sunglasses case


These are the random essentials I always have. This wallet is an old one from Kohls, and I always have to have Kleenex and gum. My gum of choice is Five, and my snack choice today was Sour Patch Kids. Yummy!


For listening to music, I love my Lady Gaga Beats headphones, which were also a gift from my husband. (He’s good at gifts!) They are high quality but still light so I can wear them at the gym. They have cute little studs on the ear buds that add a little edge. I also have my Kindle with me, and I’m currently reading The Maze Runner. I saw the movie and then decided to catch up on the series. Usually I’m the person who reads the books before the movies, so I’m finding the book not as fun to read now. I’m excited to get to the next one in the series!

Headphones, Kindle 


For my touchups throughout the day, I have a few products I’m loving right now. The Bobbi Brown lipgloss is in the color Honeysuckle number 42, and is a perfect nude lip for everyday use. The EOS lip balm is cute and smells so yummy! I got this Lorac Matte lipstick in a five pack exclusive from Kohls for only $35! To put it in perspective, one individually is $16, so I had to go with this deal. This one is the color Seductress, and is great for a pigmented everyday color. The Lush Ultrabalm was given to me as a gift from my bridesmaids last year, and is perfect for anything from lips, hands, face, or even to tame flyaway hairs, which I have a problem with when it’s so dry outside!

Bobbi Brown gloss, EOS lip balm, Lorac lipstick, Lush ultrabalm


The first gold necklace is one of my favorites, from IlyCouture online. I highly recommend this shop for cute and fair-priced jewelry! They always have really trendy stuff. The pearl necklace is an old one from Kohls.

Similar pave necklace, Cute pearl necklace




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