Sugar Detox- Day 2


We survived day 1, and I even lost a pound! For me, this doesn’t happen on just a normal day. I have to be eating really well and working out to lose that much in a day. This proves that the sugar free diet is the way to go! I woke up this morning feeling shaky and weak. I probably really needed to eat since the snack department yesterday was slim to none, which left me low on calories for the day. I did some research to get some ideas for more mid-day and after dinner snacks that aren’t just fruit. Fruit doesn’t cut it all the time when you need a filling snack. Here is what I came up with. These snacks will give me the calorie boost I need, and something not too fruity when I’m looking for that taste. I’m glad I did my research because I would not have come up with some of these ideas! I made a mid morning grocery run to get some of these so I wouldn’t cave today, especially since it’s Halloween!

Sugar Free Snacks:

Apples or celery and all natural peanut butter

Veggies and Hummus

Salami and cheese (later on I could add brown rice snap crackers for low sugar)

A salad

Leftover dinner




Boom Chicka Pop

Paleo bread with all natural peanut butter and no sugar added jam (that’s the way to do PB&J!)

(recipe here


Day 2 Meals:

I avoided the Halloween candy temptations at the grocery store!

Breakfast- fruit smoothie (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, mangos, half a banana, spinach, and water)

Lunch- Lettuce with turkey and mustard, celery and peanut butter, and popcorn

Dinner- Pasta Fagioli minus the noodles (a copycat for Olive Garden’s recipe that I found on Pinterest)

Snacks- A couple mixed nuts and some fruit


Day 1 Sugar Detox


Today Brent and I started our 10-day sugar detox! After watching the documentary “Fed Up”, with Katie Couric, we were inspired to accept their sugar free challenge. Our goal is to be able to refresh our systems and break our sugar addiction. We hope to incorporate many of the things that we learn into our diet afterwards. This is not supposed to be a quickie change, but a life alteration.

I learned a lot from the documentary. I now realize that my diet problem is all the processed food that I eat. I would typically start the day with some yogurt and granola or an english muffin with peanut butter. All of that has a ridiculous amount of sugar! I was taught that yogurt is healthy, but it’s not! On other days I might start out with a smoothie, which probably included sugar-packed yogurt or orange juice. All of these breakfasts started out my day with a crazy amount of sugar, which would impact my cravings later in the day.

For lunch, I often ate a sandwich, some fruit, and some processed crap like chips, rice cakes, or pirate’s booty (the most addicting snack). All of these snacks were “fat free”, of course. What I didn’t know was that the added and artificial sugars that they added to take out the “fat” actually caused by body to release a bunch of insulin and turn it automatically into fat. Who knew?!

For snack time, I can guarantee most of what I usually eat is processed, or I ruin something good like salsa, guacamole, or hummus with some chips. On the weekends, Brent and I love to visit a cider mill and eat donuts, cider, and caramel apples like the photo above. Obviously this will have to be cut out.

From my research for this sugar detox, I realized that dinner is not my main problem. The only problem areas I have with this meal are my addiction to bread, rice, or noodles, and being unaware of the added sugars in sauces such as BBQ sauce, salad dressing, stir fry and spaghetti sauces. This is something that I am now aware of, and will try to come up with sugar free recipes for.

The part that scared me the most about this challenge was the time and effort that it takes. Preparing food from scratch and not falling for the easy prepared snacks and meals is hard. Especially when you’re in grad school and working, and sometimes you don’t want to put the time and effort into cooking and meal planning. Doing a detox is forcing me to plan ahead and develop an arsenal of recipes that hopefully I can then go to after the challenge.

So to continue, here is a recap of day 1!


Breakfast: none (woops, I woke up too late!)

Lunch: Cajun turkey and a slice of cheese wrapped in a romaine lettuce leaf, honey and mustard mixed to dip (probably should not have had honey even though its a natural sugar), strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and mixed nuts

Snack: Mixed fruit

Dinner: Taco stuffed peppers and sweet potato cakes

Thoughts: Today felt great! I did not regret eating anything, although I had some cravings for snacks mid-day, and I really wanted coffee with some creamer in it! I’m just not into black coffee.


Juice Cleanse Thoughts


Well guys, I survived the juice cleanse! I have to be honest and say that it did not go exactly as planned, but it still went well. My three goals were as follows…

1. Eliminate strong cravings for greasy foods and desserts.
2. Establish healthy eating habits and cravings for good foods.
3. Lose the bloat and maybe a pound or two 🙂

I am happy to say that it did help me to combat my cravings. The first day was the hardest. After drinking the juice all morning, I had a major craving for something salty. I ended up caving, and ate some goldfish crackers and kettle chip crumbs from my pantry. I felt really bad afterwards, but I also felt really motivated to stay strong the next time a craving hit me. I ended up eating one small salty snack in the late afternoon each day because the sweet juice taste got really old after a while. I let myself have some trail mix or goldfish crackers. The other part that I believe was crucial to getting through three days of this cleanse was eating a solid dinner. My plan for grilled chicken and asparagus did not happen because my roomie (my husband) was not too thrilled about this boring menu for three nights straight. I ended up heating up some leftovers each night and focusing on portion control. Knowing that I was going to be able to eat a solid dinner each night gave me motivation to get through the juicing. 

After three days, I can say that I really felt proud of myself for making it through tough cravings (aka Taco Bell, day two). I learned that if I waited about an hour and held off on whatever I was craving, I usually did not want it anymore. 

My second goal was to establish healthy eating habits and cravings for good foods. I think that this cleanse allowed me to realize how much crap I was eating before. I realized that I could be full after a 220 calorie juice for lunch, and I probably don’t need all the junk I was used to eating. I also realized that my body does not need the amount of calories that I was usually consuming. Being a small person, I probably only need around 1200 calories to maintain weight loss, and I could probably go up to 1500 if I was not trying to lose weight. There is no way I need more than this on a daily basis! I was so tired of feeling bloated and stuffed after dinner! The feeling of just being satisfied is the best way to be after eating a meal. 

My third goal was to lose bloat and a few pounds. Although I only lost maybe a half a pound, I felt better. My stomach was flatter in the mornings and I did not feel like I had a tire around my waist after a meal. Since I added in the snacks and the normal dinners, I knew I probably would not lose much weight. I went on a run two of the days, but I need to incorporate more weight training and serious cardio training in order to lose weight. The picture above is the lake that I often run towards as a reward for my efforts :).

In the end, I have decided to replace my lunch with a juice or smoothie at least once a week after this experiment. It will cut out a couple hundred calories from my week, and it’ll keep my discipline and motivation going to eat healthy. If I feel like doing it more than once a week, I may do that also. Surprisingly, the juices kept me full for a few hours, and some of them tasted really good. I am also going to minimize my snacking throughout the day in order to cut out my boredom eating. I find that this is easier to do when I am busy, so I am eager for school to start so my day is more productive. 

My favorite juices from my cleanse were the Bluetrients (blueberry and apple juice taste), Green Charge (apple and sweet taste), Berryoxidant (strawberry banana taste), and the 24 Karat (decent taste, not my favorite though). My absolute least favorite was the Mango Fuego! It was nauseating! Some people may not mind the taste, but I hated it. I almost gagged finishing the last bit. A friend of mine smelled it and said it was like ginger dressing from a Chinese restaurant. It would have tasted good without the ginger and chili that were added. I still have not tried the Macachino or King of Greens because I ended up not needing as many juices throughout the day as planned. I have a feeling these will be good, but I will update you later once I try them. 

If you are thinking about doing a cleanse, try and incorporate lean meats and fiber to keep you full. Do not do a cleanse for long periods of time because often times juices have too much sugar, which can actually cause weight gain. Let me know if you try the cleanse yourself, and if you have any tips from personal experience. It was a good experience for me, but not one I will do often! Thanks for reading!


Juice Cleanse


After a season of barbecuing, dinner with friends, trips for ice cream, and vacation dining, it is time for a healthy re-start. It’s been a few months since I really felt happy about my healthy habits and my body. Athough no one else may notice the subtle changes, we women especially can understand that these tiny changes can get us down. After feeling frustrated for a while, I have decided to take action and put in a real effort to take back my healthy lifestyle.

The first idea that came to my mind was exercise, but I’m feeling a little bored with it, and this tactic was unsuccessful. I exercise to maintain a healthy heart, but don’t have the drive right now to create a serious program for myself.

The second idea was changing my diet. This has been successful at times, but hasn’t been a consistent change lately. I’m too addicted to chocolate, snacking, and going out to eat.

After these two failed attempts, I realized I need a serious jumpstart to my healthy lifestyle. I did a little research on juice cleanses, and recruited the knowledge of a friend who is a dietician. The general consensus is that experts do not believe juice cleanses actually “cleanse” anything, as our body has its own natural cleansing system. Juice cleanses can also leave you lacking fiber and protein, which can make you hungry and unsatisfied. Lastly, the weight loss that you may experience will most likely be short-lived, and you will gain it all back quickly.

Due to my research, I decided to do an altered juice cleanse. I am not participating in any juice cleanse program that you can order online. I did my research and found that Suja Elements juices are often used for cleanses. They are also cold-pressed juices, in which they squish the entire fruit or vegetable into the juice instead of just squeezing out the liquid. This allows it to contain more nutrients. I will also be adding in my own homemade green smoothies, and one meal a day that includes lean protein and fiber. I have chosen grilled chicken and asparagus. Below, I outlined my goals and food plan for my 3-day cleanse. I am starting today, and will blog each night about how I feel, the taste of the juices, and my thoughts. Thanks for coming along with me!


1. Eliminate strong cravings for greasy foods and desserts.
2. Establish healthy eating habits and cravings for good foods.
3. Lose the bloat and maybe a pound or two 🙂

Food Plan:
Day 1- Green smoothie, mango fusion juice, berryoxidant juice, grilled chicken and asparagus, fruit in between if hungry.
Day 2- Green smoothie, 24 karat juice, green charge juice, grilled chicken and asparagus, fruit in between if hungry.
Day 3- Green smoothie, bluetrients juice, king of greens juice, grilled chicken and asparagus, macachino juice, fruit in between if hungry.

10 Thoughts You’ve Probably Had While Driving







Recently I’ve been doing a lot of driving, and I tend to have some of the same thoughts all the time. I’m assuming it’s not just me, so let me know if you agree with my list.

1. Semi, you’re not cool trying to pass that other semi. You’re going 10 miles under the speed limit and holding up the whole highway. Stop trying to prove you’re fast, because you’re not, so STAY IN THE RIGHT LANE!

2. Hmm…I think I can reach my sunglasses in the backseat in that one pocket of my tote bag…let me just reach around and attempt this while driving.

3. Oh, you’re real cool passing me when I’m already going 10 miles over the speed limit. I’m not going to get offended because you’re just too fast.

4. Who is this person driving the truck coming up? Shoot, she saw me looking. HOW DO THEY ALWAYS KNOW!!??

5. Yep, I just saw you picking your nose. It’s alright. You’re vehicle is your own personal space.

6. HAHA semi without the back on it. Midget semi!!

7. AHHH there’s a cop! Should I slow down and look super obvious that I was speeding, or just slowly reduce my speed so it doesn’t look like I’m doing it just because I saw him?

8. Oh no! I’ve been following this car for the past 50 miles and they just exited! Goodbye friend!

9. STARBUCKS! Do I need it? Yes.

10. (Sitting in the backseat) I wonder if those people can see me staring at them. The back windows are tinted, so they probably can’t. Nope. They can DEFINITELY see me staring! Drive away, drive away!!

Reading, Social Media, and Selfies








So I was laying in bed thinking and couldn’t sleep, and I decided to come here to process some thoughts. I guess that is what blogs are for! Apologies in advance for possible random and crazy late night thoughts.

Today I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars on my new kindle. First of all, I am LOVING having more time and motivation to read for fun these days. Ever since graduation, I have rediscovered this hobby. During undergrad, it was that last thing I wanted to do. I have been blessed to be in a graduate program that allows me to be a little more relaxed, and I still have some energy for reading after studying. Anyway, this book was great, and I’d highly recommend it. I would just suggest you have some kleenex handy for the end, and do not read in a public place. Also, you may re-evaluate your life after reading it.

As some of you know, my husband’s job has changed a little bit recently, and it has caused our daily routine to be flipped upside down. He gets up super early and goes to bed very early also. I am not a morning person, but a night owl, so this poses a challenge for me. It has been hard for me to adjust my schedule to his. Like tonight, when he went to bed at 8:30 and I’m still here writing at midnight. It probably does not help that I sleep in way too late in the morning to adjust my body to his schedule. His new job duties have also changed the time that we have together. We had developed somewhat of a married routine in the past year, and now it is all new and different. I do not enjoy change. It takes me a while to get adjusted and to feel happy and comfortable. Which is probably one of the reasons I am awake right now and couldn’t fall asleep because I was re-evaluating my life. This is a normal thing for me.

Also lately I have been feeling opposed to social media because I feel like it is taking over my/our lives. Personally, I can stand to not look at Instagram every 10 minutes. It just makes me want things that other people have and think about how pathetic it is that I am sitting on the couch in my pajamas at 3 PM eating pizza and procrastinating my homework. We can’t all be fashion stylists living in California, and it doesn’t help to remind myself every time I’m on Instagram. Fashion is also annoying because I can never just accumulate all the clothes and say, that’s it, I now own everything I need to be fashionable! No, it doesn’t work that way! They just keep coming out with more and more clothes, and I can never keep up! You just have to keep buying more! Who planned this!? (Some smart business people). Some days I just want to get rid of all my social media and TV and blogs that I follow and just live in bliss not knowing that I’m missing out on the current sale at Asos. On the other hand, I really enjoy learning about fashion and looking at the beautiful people with long flowing hair, Louboutins, and Chanel bags.

Let me talk about selfies now. Personally, I don’t have a problem with the occasional selfie. I like to admire you when you were feeling particularly beautiful, and to let you know that I agree that your lipstick is fabulous, and also, where can I buy it. I also like to show the world that my outfit is awesome, and if I don’t post a picture, no one will see it since I’m stuck inside all day. Thank you in advance for “liking” it and reassuring me that someone else cares about my freshly painted nails. Just keep your selfies to a weekly basis so I’m not bombarded by your gorgeous face too often and become numb to your beauty.

Lastly, I’ve decided to give up social media for two weeks. Finals are important and reading about the lives of high school people I never talked to is not. Also, it’s not warm enough to wear summer clothes yet here, and these Cali people are just torturing me with their shorts and Coachella shopping sprees. Thank you for listening, now I can go to sleep in peace. Night!

P.S. If you’ve ever watched Friends, I just heard an exact replica outside of the car alarm that kept going off in that one episode where the girls were camping out outside of a store to buy something (I don’t remember what it was). If you’re a Friends fanatic, you’ll know what I mean.


Experimenting With Style

Spring Style

Being a girl can be good and bad at times, but in a fashion sense, I believe we have the upper hand. As ladies, we can change our style by the day. One day we may feel like rocking jeans and a t-shirt, the next day our preppiest button-up and j-crew skirt, and the next we pull out a studded sweatshirt and camo printed pants. We are able to morph our style to fit how we feel, and no one looks at us weird when one day we seem sweet, and the next day edgy. We can pull off any trend as long as we have the confidence. I don’t like it when someone says, “You can’t pull that off.” I take that as a challenge, and hope that all you ladies don’t let other fools try to define your style! Wear what you want, and dress to be who you want to be. It’s never too late to experiment with style, even if you feel like you’ve established an image for yourself.

Every girl knows that ladies want to impress other ladies, and we dress based on how we feel. I love experimenting with styles that are out of my comfort zone. I hate when I’m in a store and someone says, “That shirt is so YOU.” I hate it because I don’t want to be stuck in a rut, buying clothes that everyone expects me to wear! As I always say, I like to subtly make a statement. Over time, I’ve become more comfortable branching out and wearing clothes that make more of a statement. I’ve become comfortable with people looking at me when I walk in a room because of what I am wearing. For those who know me, you know I shy away from being the center of attention!

This spring/summer, I’ll be trying out a few new trends that have caught my eye. Among them, I love tulle skirts, boyfriend jeans, the scuba midi skirt, and floral sneakers. Here is what’s new in my closet, and on my wish list this season.


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